Welcome to SkyFly Cinematics!

Our aerial video services provide clients with exceptional video and still media for the demanding motion picture and advertising industries. Movies to music videos, advertising to real estate, we’ve got you covered.

While film and video projects are a core area of our expertise, we also serve clients in other endeavors who appreciate the unique perspective that drone media can offer – such as agricultural, utility & topographical mapping.

Our team offers excellent drone project planning by knowing where all “fly-zones” are located, insurance, and post production consultation. Clients appreciate this – which has resulted in strong, honest relationships.

We often find ourselves in the business of aerial production Education – educating clients on what can and cannot be done according to FAA rules and regulations. Doing so helps our customers better appreciate the beautiful aerial footage and data that sets us apart from the competition – and it also makes them better, more competent buyers in the future.

Ready to take your media project to the next level?  Let’s get started on something together.

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-Ryan Deremo, Owner

FAA Part 107 Certified

Fully Insured

Ryan Deremo

Owner / Pilot

A veteran UAV operator, Ryan always flies with proficiency and expertise using various types of multi-rotor systems.

He has collectively logged over 600 hours+ of multi-rotor flight experience using a large variety of models and companies.

Rio Scott

Flight Operations Specialist

As an operations specialist Rio has worked on many projects to include Hollywood films, music videos, and private events.

He has a wide range of team operations skills that date back to his time in the United States Army.

Brittany Moses

Business Development Manager

With over 12 years experience in sales, customer service, management, marketing and product development, Brittany applies her skills here at SkyFly making sure that your experience is always one of enjoyment and professionalism.

She is also a highly skilled makeup artist for film, music videos, and private celebrities.

Ray Deremo

Media Production Consultant

A videographer and film producer for over 40 years, Ray first honed his skills behind the camera, then became a media producer and marketing communications consultant on hundreds of advertising, sales and marketing projects and events.

Ray has won industry awards and worked with clients big and small – including Sara Lee, McDonalds, US Cellular, FMC, Chicago Board of Trade, UNOCAL, Discover Card and Brunswick.